My cyser needs a Daddy! Or Mommy. Name it! Bragging rights!

carboy filled with golden liquid with lots of foam, layer of sediment and an airlock

What shall I call my very first cyser,  in primary this very morning?  I used a recipe that took a gold in last year’s AHA competition which sounded particularly appealing – 18 lbs of pretty solid buckwheat honey, lots of apple juice, raisins, oak chips soaked in Jack Daniels  The estimable couple who created the recipe, Lee Ann And Wesley Underwood, called it “Blasphemy at Gobbler’s Roost”; it was printed in Zymurgy’s Sept/Oct 2011 issue and is on the Homebrewopedia database (login required).  Have you tried this? Made it, tasted it?  What did you think?

I’m sure that name made sense to them at the time, but it’s not working for me.  Besides, their directions were sketchy enough that I’m not sure I’m making quite the same marvellous beverage they did, though I think it’ll be good.  So my cyser needs a name.  What shall I call it?

If you are the one to submit The Great Name, I can offer you regular mentions in all my updates – since this is the first time I’m trying a cyser, I’ll be updating on it a lot.  I can link to your website if you have one.  I can tweet about your amazingly clever name.  I don’t have a zillion readers (yet), but I do have a steady stream, and would be glad to mention you regularly.  If it turns out well I will probably enter it in competitions around the country, and will use your name there.  If you live in a geographically suitable place I can bring you (and/or the person you name it for) ordering nexium online samples when it’s ready – though I don’t know when, for sure.  (Fair warning,  my meads usually take a couple of years before I’m quite happy with them. But it’ll be worth the wait.)

Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up – you could name it for a parent, or a little brother who likes apples.  You could name it for your childhood dog who liked to run in an American Homebrewers Assn logoorchard.  You could name it for Darth Vader if it’s funny enough.  Bobbing for potent apples comes to mind.  I know archers who like to shoot overripe apples.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to try applejack and the whiskey-soaked oak chips sound intriguing.  Sky’s the limit, clever’s the game!

What other info might inspire you?  I got to use my new stir plate when I started my yeast (one day ahead), and the starter I added is off and running with vigor – the cyser was starting to fill the blowoff bucket inside the first half hour.  Go baby go!  I wrote those recent blog posts on how to feed the fermentation process, I’m gonna put all that in practice.  This is a no-holds-barred recipe – 2 gallons of apple juice and 5 12oz cans of concentrate; 6 lbs raisins; 18 lbs nearly-solid buckwheat honey; 3 cups of whiskey-soaked oak chips.  The Underwoods, particularly Wesley, have a lot of Best-of-Show medals.

So let me know what I should call this baby.  I’ve gotta say I’m pretty excited about it.  It just needs a name!



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    • Best yet. I don’t think I can keep calling it “Blasphemy at Gobbler’s Roost”. It’s a go-er, that’s for sure – fermenting madly.

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