Month: April 2012

three mason jars with cordials

Is making a cordial really brewing?

Making cordials is often lumped in with brewing.  Should it be?  Is making a cordial, with modern restrictions and requirements, really a brewing activity?  Why do people make cordials, anyway? [..]

Thorin Oakenshield from the movie "The Hobbit"

Making beers to welcome the cast of The Hobbit home

I was joking online with bccmee, who runs a website, fan video site,  YouTube channel, and more about the actor Richard Armitage, who’s playing Thorin Oakenshield in the upcoming The [..]

carboy filled with golden liquid with lots of foam, layer of sediment and an airlock

My cyser needs a Daddy! Or Mommy. Name it! Bragging rights!

What shall I call my very first cyser,  in primary this very morning?  I used a recipe that took a gold in last year’s AHA competition which sounded particularly appealing [..]

Star-K logo

Passover: Are honey and grape wine kosher?

Talking with Lori Titus at The Bee Folks this morning (as I was picking up thirty pounds of buckwheat honey) she mentioned that their honey had been Star-K certified, and have [..]