Dr. M. Carr Payne on Georgia Tech

photo from a video of Dr. M. Carr Payne talking about Georgia Tech

My Uncle Carr is a retired professor emeritus from the School of Psychology at Georgia Tech.  He was one of the original four professors when the School of Psychology was first formed in 1959.  On its 50th anniversary, they recorded interviews with five faculty and former faculty members, of whom my uncle was one.  You can see his video interview (fourth from the top):


I love listening to him; his voice reminds me of my father and my grandparents and an older Nashville, and besides, he’s an interesting man.  He has a keen interest in regional history and loves to travel.  .

Here’s a research initiation document he prepared with Dr. Richard Davenport entitled “Reading Difficulty and Cross-Modal Integration” from 1974.  You can see their project design:


Carr Payne, Dr. Payne, Uncle Carr is an honorary lifetime member of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology, the purpose of which is “facilitating the exchange of ideas among those engaged in these fields of inquiry, by encouraging investigation, by fostering the educational function of philosophy and psychology, and by improving the academic status of these subjects.” (from their 101st annual meeting program, http://www.niu.edu/sspp/Program09.pdf).  Oh for the days of the less finely tuned but perfectly genuine mission statement!


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  1. I just talked by phone with Dr. Carr Payne–a delightful person. We are planning to meet for further discussion next Thursday at Nashville’s Buchanan’s Station Cemetery. I’m looking forward to meeting him.

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