Month: March 2012

carboy filled with golden liquid with lots of foam, layer of sediment and an airlock

Feeding Yeast

Proper yeast nutrition means your brew ferments faster and cleaner, leaving fewer off-flavors that have to age out.  We’ll call that a good thing.  Yeast is a pretty complex little [..]

Starting Yeast

I’m getting to brew a recipe from last year’s American Homebrewer Association’s national competiton – the Underwood’s “Blasphemy at GobblersRoost” (you’ll need an AHA login to view their Homebrewopedia); it’s a [..]

human skeleton from chin to hips

Sometimes students really get it

I used to teach Anatomy and Physiology – a twelve-month long, three hour a week course, half anatomy, half physiology.  A&P has a deadly reputation for difficulty and tedium that it [..]

Jar of honey with wooden dipping rod

Why Pooh loves honey, but Tigger doesn’t

There’s recent science on how tastebuds work, testing different species.  Bears. as we all knew, can taste sweetness, but felines can’t – which explains why my cats leave my honey [..]

drawing of a medieval brewer in a warehouse

Anti-cancer properties…in ancient beer?!

Biomolecular archaeological evidence examining ancient Egyptian wine jars (circa 3150 BC) found that ancient beer may have had potent anti-cancer agents: “New biomolecular archaeological evidence backed up by increasingly sophisticated [..]

photo from a video of Dr. M. Carr Payne talking about Georgia Tech

Dr. M. Carr Payne on Georgia Tech

My Uncle Carr is a retired professor emeritus from the School of Psychology at Georgia Tech.  He was one of the original four professors when the School of Psychology was [..]

Gramophone and coffin made of paper

Mystery Afoot: Edinburgh paper sculptures

I have been enchanted following the mystery of the glorious paper scupltures that magically appear around Edinburgh centers of books and stories.  Have you seen one?  First of all, no one knows [..]

Southern Prose and Poetry for Schools

The year is 1910.  The southeastern U.S. is still recovering from the Civil war, which devastated the region though it ended years before.  Edwin Mims and my great-grandfather Bruce Payne [..]

resonator style guitar with pierced metal front

Prepping for the Country Music Marathon, 2007

Blogpost, early 2007 I ran ten miles today.   I love my cushy U. Wisconsin at Milwaukee socks, but they’r hotsocks – they bunch and chafe a bit over time.   ow [..]