Month: February 2012

carboy filled with golden liquid with lots of foam, layer of sediment and an airlock

Homebrewing: Things That Go Boom In The Night

src=”×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”209″ height=”300″ />This manuscript was first published in Tournaments Illuminated, a quarterly magazine for medieval enactors.  It appeared in the Third Quarter 2010, Issue 175.  Copies may be ordered [..]

A golden glass of mead

Mead: King Arthur’s Own

This is another recipe from the site, which if you make meads you should probably know about.  It’s very pleasant, and with enough malt that I’d call it a braggot, [..]

Ale With Honey Historical documentation

At historical competitions, I provide two sets of documentation, 2-3 copies of each (assuming our usual three judges per category).  There is the executive summary, less than one page long: this [..]

MIddle-of-the-road Braggot Recipe

This is from  It looks like a reasonable, basic, extract-based braggot recipe for those who maybe aren’t up to whole grain or aren’t sure about braggots.  See, I think the [..]

Rose Hip or Claymore’s mead

 This is from the website.  If you like to make mead and you don’t know that site, you should.  I find the recipes uneven, but the community’s really helpful.  [..]

rosemary bush

Ginger Rosemary Lime Mead

 I have made this and found it to be light and very pleasant with dinner on a hot summer night.  That said, it is too light and not apparently sweet enough [..]

Mead fermentation

Recently a new brewer talked to me about fermentation time.  He thought his mead should be finished much more quickly than it was.  When competition judges tasted his mead, the universal [..]

molecular structure of yeast

Acids in mead

A common flaw in meads is a poor balance between acid and sweetness. You need a little acid to offset the natural sweetness in mead.  Honey is not a high-acid substance [..]

molecular structure of yeast

A thought on mead nutrients

Honey contains small amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as anti-oxidants, but not enough to make sufficient nutrition for your yeast.  If there is lag time in getting yeast activity [..]