Educating Girls in 1887: Grow To Your Full Height

This is my great-grandmother’s view on educating girls, from 1892.  She was sweeter about this than I ever could have been. Funny thing; I’m very much living her vision. 

Mary Kavanagh’s Grow To Your Full Height

Mary Kerr Breckenridge Kavanagh (1869-1900) was my great-grandmother.  She graduated with top honors from Howard College in Fayette, Missouri, in 1887.  We called her Mary Kerr, or Mary Breckenridge.  She played piano, loved theatre, belonged to debating societies and card clubs, and generally sought an intellectual life wherever she could.  She had four brothers who seem to have adored her.  The oldest one, Clark, was the person she most liked to discuss new ideas with.  She married in 1898, at the age of 29.  My middle name is from her.

 I am extraordinarily fortunate; all the women in my family went to college, and still do. We believe in education.


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