About me

About me: Canberra, 2011

I created it to help a community of historically-minded brewers make better beverages. That’s still here. Some of it applies to modern brewing too.

I muse a lot more these days.

 How I got here

I started brewing meads more than twenty years ago (which startles me). When I started hanging out with historical enactors, the brewers were a really nice bunch of people. They helped me expand into making beers and wines, and have even ventured into cordials once in a while.

Brewing gives me a way to think about life back when, and I think that’s fun.

Elspeth enjoying a glass of wine after a hard evening's illumination
A glass of wine at the end of hard work.

I am not too young to vote or drink in public – the voting age should be at least 33 to begin with. I am not a vegetarian, order https://cheaplevitrapill.com generic tramadol online oyster eater, or gum chewer, nor am I a collector of things. I am not a gamer, though many of my friends are. I am not afraid to dress appropriately. I am not casual about friendships, but I do have friendly acquaintances.  I am no engineer, though the more truly mechanical a thing is the more likely I am to figure it out.

Me in garb with parasol and empty glass
Empty glass? I’m on a mission!

Still reading?  Good! Glad you’re still here.

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Technical credit

My main tutor, inspirer, galvanizer, and frustration-reducer is Jeanne Kramer-Smyth, who has guided me through the process of creating my first website from scratch.  Some of her websites include Spellbound Blog, C-Section Recovery, Books For Ears, and Dinocrazy.