I love stories.  I crave them.  If you want to distract me, give me a good novel.

I have always written.  I have a pile of my old journals, mostly kept while traveling.  I was and still am a compulsive letter writer, mostly now in emails.  When I was barely out of college my wise grandmother suggested I do  something with my writing, because she felt I had a flair for it. I was very pleased she should think so, but I didn’t do anything formal with it for a long time, beyond required writing at work – mostly training  and technical manuals.

Many years later I started freelancing for sports fitness and martial arts magazines.  I gave myself one day a week to work on it.  I only ever had one article not sell.  Then life intervened…

And now I’m back to it.  I write for several amateur historical publications, from 2500 word how-to articles to 70-page monographs, most of them about historical brewing.  It’s grand fun.  I get to scratch the itch of curiosity and have the fun of putting stories together.  I am beginning to seek commercial outlets nexium online pharmacy again.

My painful little secret: I’m afraid of writing fiction.  I tell stories in my head all the time, so really I shouldn’t be afraid.  I don’t believe in leaving debilitating fears unchallenged.  Soon, I am going to have to do something about this.  And when I get those stories in process, they’ll be here too.

In this section of my website you’ll find copies of such things as I can share, and links to old magazine archives that still have some of my work on file.  I’ve posted the best record I can reconstruct of everything I’ve published commercially to date. I know it’s not complete.

I’m coming back from a long way – I had a rather bad head injury a few years ago that wiped out my vocabulary and memory.  I’ve been slowly rebuilding ever since.  I used to pride myself on my eloquence.  I don’t know that I’ll ever get it back, but I sure am determined to try.

The man in the picture – the Douros Man, from a Greek vase circa 500 BC – he’s writing on a wax tablet.  Doesn’t that just look like a laptop?