A thought on mead nutrients

molecular structure of yeast

Honey contains small amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as anti-oxidants, but not enough to make sufficient nutrition for your yeast.  If there is lag time in getting yeast activity started in a mead must, it could be due to the lack of available nitrogen and nutrient compounds. Adding things like fruit, malt, grape juice or other spices can provide some nutrition for your yeast (as generic http://www.buyantibioticshere.com/buytetracycline.html nexium online anyone surprised by a really vigorous melomel fermentation), but that doesn’t help if you’re making a traditional mead (no spices or fruits).

Possibly additives include DAP (diammonium phosphate), yeast hulls, Fermaid or a combination,  added at the rate of one-half teaspoon per gallon. Additional nutrient supplements can also be added partway through the fermentation process, at about day six, to keep the yeast active.

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