Mead with Maple: AcerMead

3 maple leaves

An acerglyn is a maple syrup-honey combination mead. Don’t you just love the old, arcane vocabulary of meads?  I have a batch of this, without the spices, in the bottle aging. I used grade B syrup (much less ex$pensive).  We’ll see how it turns out, but I think in another year or two this will be one of my competition entries.

Recipe Ingredients

2 pints real Maple syrup, 2 lbs honey, yeast nutrient, white wine yeast, 2 campden tablets, 1 gallon of water, mulling spices

Recipe Process

Make a tea with the spices and some of the water. Add honey. 2C syrup and water to the primary and shake to mix. crush and add campden cheap legal xanax tablets. Wait 24 hours and then add yeast. It will ferment for about a month or 2 so be patient. Bottle when mostly clear. I made this one with only enough water to make one gallon and it was a little too sweet. The extra water should fix that.

Mead Maker

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