Homebrew suppliers in Maryland – Local (to me) stores I can vouch for; online suppliers

drawing of a medieval brewer in a warehouse

I’m in the Washington, DC area.  These are businesses where I know the owner, have used the classroom facilities, and have purchased supplies. They’re all good folks, in my experience.  I add current contacts to my Links list on the bottom of each page; you may find new additions there.

 Flying Barrel   

103 S. Carroll   Street,Frederick,MD 21701


closed Wednesdays and Sundays.  Has rentable brewing space on premises.

Frederick Community College  in Maryland nexium buy online sometimes teaches classes about homebrewing and winemaking.

MarylandHomebrew Warehouse

6770 Oak Hall   Lane, Suite 115,Columbia,MD 21045

410-290-3768 or 888-BREW-NOW

closed Mondays and Tuesdays

 Some of my favorite Online Suppliers (my apologies to anyone I’ve left out):

Beer, Beer, and More Beer

Northern Brewer

Butler Winery (homebrew supplies)

The Homebrew Store

Homebrew Heaven

Midwest Homebrewing and Supplies

Austin Homebrew Supply

A Valuable Resource:  John Palmer’s amazing book, How To Brew, is available online (earlier edition than you find in print):  http://www.howtobrew.com/


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