Cranberry Cordial

Mycenean gold goblet

Have you tried this? Made it, tasted it?  What did you think?   

  16 oz. cranberries

     1/2 peel lemon, scraped

     1/4 peel orange, scraped

     1.5 c vodka (I used white brandy)

      1.5 c sugar syrup (simple syrup)

Steep 4 weeks or until as smooth as you wish.

If you’ve never made a cordial, it’s pretty simple.  Put all the ingredients in a mason jar with a good tight lid, and pour the liquid over it.  Put it in a dark place.  Shake daily for about a week, weekly for about another month, and then check on it periodically.  Keep it in the buy lorazepam online cheap dark.  Test to see if it’s smooth.  I am told running inexpensive liquor through a Brita filter about eight times speeds that up remarkably.

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