Stuck fermentation

picture of dried yeast such as can be used for brewing

Yeast: there was a a cry for help on a brewing forum, asking why his fermentation had stopped sooner than he thought it ought to have.

It comes down to whether the yeast is attenuated or not, ie; has the must stopped fermenting because it’s out of sugars or has it stopped because the yeast can’t tolerate any more alcohol. This depends on how much honey you started with and the type of yeast used.

  • Ale Yeast 8-9%
  • Wine yeast 12-15%
  • Champagne yeast 17-18%.

But the mead can’t get to these levels if there wasn’t sufficient sugar to start cheap buy ativan us tramadol 200mg with. Do a gravity reading and taste it when you rack. If it’d dry and the SG is 1.000 or less, it’s probably starved and will ferment some more as soon as food is added. If it’s sweet it may or may not be attenuated, depending on how much sugar you started with. You have to compare the potential alcohol levels to the type of yeast used. If it’s nowhere near what should attenuate your yeast, you may have a stuck fermentation. The fruit, of course, would help with that, too. —

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