Raisin Clove Melomel/Metheglin/Melometh

Mycenean gold goblet

I believe this recipe is of my own devising by now, though it started with someone else’s.  It was a favorite of my dear friend Elaine Koogler’s, known in the SCA as Sensei Minowara Kiritsubo.

for 5 gallons

      White Labs sweet mead yeast

     20 lbs orange blossom honey

~1/4 tsp yeast nutrient

5 tsp fresh lemon juice

2 tsp whole cloves

1 lb golden raisins (better than dark raisins or currants, I find)

1/10 tsp pectic can you buy valium enzyme

I start my yeast in fruit juice, usually apple.

I do not cook this. I mix the honey with enough warm water to liquefy it, add it to the fermenter and top off with water to 5 gallons. I put the spices in a sanitized mesh sock and do what I must to make it easy to extract. SG often around 1.01, ending ABV around 13%.

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