Killer Bee Braggot (Dark or Hefty Braggot)

Mycenean gold goblet

     This is one of my favorite recipes.  It takes about ten months to age and holds well.  Killer bee honey is dark, complex, very caramel-y – not like anything else I’ve ever  had.  It’s from Brazil, and organically produced.  It’s expensive, so I tend to hoard this.

Have you tried this? Made it, tasted it?  What did you do differently? Please let me know what you thought!

9 lb Multon’s dry amber malt

9 lb killer bee honey

Lalvin D-47 yeast

3 oz hops for 60 min

1 oz hops for 30 min

1 oz hops for 2 min

2tsp yeast energizer

2 tsp yeast cheap nexium online nutrient

HOPS: I’ve liked Amarillo

Start a packet of yeast in malt/water mix well ahead

Boil 1.5 gal. water.  Add dry malt and stir to dissolve.  Add hops in mesh bag and start timing.  Watch out for boilovers!  Pour hops and malt over honey and yeast nutrient/energizer in carboy.  Add enough water to bring to 5 gallons, mixing thoroughly. Cool to yeast-favorable temperature, then pitch yeast and cap with airlock.

The recipe I based this on calls for two packets of yeast.   Use your discretion.

If honey is semi-solid, mix with warm water or some hot wort to liquefy it.


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