Month: February 2012

Educating Girls in 1887: Grow To Your Full Height

This is my great-grandmother’s view on educating girls, from 1892.  She was sweeter about this than I ever could have been. Funny thing; I’m very much living her vision.  Mary [..]

Textiles fabrics and dress 1946 edition

Textiles Guru: Elizabeth Tarpley

Elizabeth Tarpley was a textiles expert of the early 20th century, and a woman who knew her own mind.  She taught what was then called Home Economics at the University [..]

molecular structure of yeast
modern sulphur candle

Use of Sulphur in Medieval Brewing

This is an email thread about how sulphur was used in medieval brewing, from an historical brewing list I’m on.  There’s some awfully interesting material in here about how sulphur [..]

jars filled with honey and honeycomb

Average Sugar Content of Honey

I have checked several scientific studies on the sugar breakdown of honey, both in the US and Europe. Most studies doing original measurement have been very consistent.   Honey is about [..]

two glasses of wine side by side, one red and one white

Riesling – an historical grape

DNA studies by Ferdinand Regner indicates that one parent of the modern Riesling vine is Gouais Blanc, known in Germany as Weißer Heunisch , brought to Burgundy from Croatia by [..]

two glasses showing red wine with and without oak aging

Tempranillo Wine, the rich Spanish red

Tempranillo is a variety of black grape native to Spain.  It is called Spain’s “noble grape”, and is the main variety used in Rioja[1].  Spanish cultivation of vitis vinifera, the [..]

a long line of large oak beer barrels on their side, three deep
Cordial glass with golden liquid

Apricot Cardamom Cordial

I really like cardamom, and it seemed to be a good match for apricots.  I took this to Interkingdom Brewing Competition at Pennsic, where it did well.  This is my [..]

Thistle Mead

 When I first got this honey, it tasted like thistle looks – spiny, kind of hairy, very green.  It took a long time to age out (measured in years, not [..]