Medieval brewing recipes are found in memoirs, cookbooks, household management manuals, all sorts of places

Medieval Brewing Recipes: Find the Sources

It’s amazing to me how many brewers ask me where to find medieval brewing recipes for beer, mead, whatever . Let’s start with some basics. When you’re looking for documentable [..]

A lot of Y! repeated over and over

Yahoo! email revamp still stuck in Stone Age

By now there’s been plenty of media coverage of the technical and public relations disaster that is the new Yahoo! email.  Under the guise of a makeover, Yahoo! gutted their [..]

Harpoon Brewery logo

Harpoon Brewery: Various and the Four Saisons

We felt like rock stars. When the Beer Bloggers’ Conference arrived at Harpoon Brewery in Boston this summer, we were quietly ushered away from the rather impressive stream of visitors [..]

Attendee badge from EBBC13 showing a man with a laptop and glass of beer standing on a barrell

U.S. Beer Blogging in five minutes or fewer

Ring, ring. It’s two days before I leave for vacation in Ireland and Scotland. I’m ending the trip with the European Beer Bloggers’ Conference in Edinburgh.  I brim with anticipation, excited as [..]

BrewDog logo they blow up crap beer

What is the beer that’s brewed under the sea? Sunk Punk!

Brewdog is a Scottish brewery/beer bar chain that is controversial (and wildly successful) in Scotland.  They’re lively and funny and they make painfully hoppy American-style beers.  They use 100% Scottish [..]

Three beer glasses: one with a short stem, the other two cyclindrical, one quite short

8 New Beers I Love (BBC13 Favorites)

I thought to myself, great, you’ve just had this intense experience tasting 55 or so new beers over the course of a weekend at the Beer Blogger’s Conference, but what new [..]

Beer Where Glass Can’t Go: Steel Growlers

Summer’s not over yet, so you should know about this – there’s a way to take your homebrew to places that won’t let you bring glass.  Hydro Flask makes steel growlers – [..]

half American, half UK flag mashed together

Ireland, Scotland, and Bloggers, Oh My!

This woman’s first real Irish Guinness is imminent, be prepared for the ground to shake. I’m going to Ireland for a week, my first time there, and then off to Scotland for [..]

Cover of The Goodman of Paris, showing a medieval man and his wife and a servant
Badge for EBBC13, a man with a laptop and glass of beer